ELCC 2017: An Expert View on Challenges in Thymoma and Thymic Cancer

Speaker: Nicolas Girard

Nicolas Girard describes the challenges of treating rare cancers such as thymoma and thymic carcinoma with very complex histological profiles. He explains the need for a systematic histopathological review of the cases to confirm the initial diagnosis, and the availability of a multidisciplinary team.

Many aspects of the treatment approach may be a matter of discussion between the surgeon, radiologist, medical oncologist, neurologist.

The study of large databases showed the benefit of post-surgery radiotherapy. In addition, a new staging system allows to better assess resectability and patient outcome.There are ongoing studies gathering biological data to identify biomarkers for targeted therapies. 

Discussion Points

  • What is particularly challenging in the treatment of rare tumours?
  • What is specific to thymoma and thymic carcinoma regarding pathology and biology?
  • Are there advances in the treatment of thymoma and thymic cancer?
  • What is clinical research focusing on?