TAT 2018: Current issues in Antibody-Drug Conjugates development

Speaker: Giuseppe Giaccone

Reporting from TAT 2018, Giuseppe Giaccone explains that antibody drug conjugates are a relatively recent clinical science with a lot of developments as the technology is advancing. He identifies that one of the issues in that field is specificity and the other one is toxicity.

Specificity has to do with what target these antibodies are using and that can certainly be improved and the type of tumour types that are being targeted can be improved.
Regarding toxicity, many of these antibody-drug conjugates have toxicities that are related not directly to the target on the tumour but to the toxicity of the payload. There's a lot of development in trying to find better linkers and modify the payload in a way that it will not be too toxic to the normal cells but only to the tumour cells.
According to Dr Giaccone, there will be many more molecules that will be developed; once there is an antigen which is mainly present on tumour cells it is a relatively straightforward approach. These types of molecules could potentially be very effective in specific types of tumours.
From this Congress we are going to see a lot of development in this area so hopefully within the next few years we will have many more of these antibody drug conjugates compounds available for many tumour types than what we have now.