BRAF Mutations Across Cancers

Speaker: Jordi Rodon

Activating mutations in the BRAF oncogene are now well established as critical drivers of melanoma and other malignancies and represent rational targets for the development of novel therapeutics. 

Jordi Rodon emphasizes that a current picture is much more complex than the model of one biomarker, one drug, in this case BRAF mutation in melanoma and vemurafenib.In this video, he discusses the role of BRAF mutations in non-melanoma tumours and how the use of new models of clinical trials (like Basket trials), new drugs and drug combinations are enabling the study of the relevance of BRAF alterations in oncology.The study of the role of BRAF in other tumours serves as an example to depict some important concepts in precision cancer medicine. Distinction between mutation, copy-number gain and gene rearrangements and how it may impact drug efficacy, the role of lineage and genomic content, and the different agents in the MAPK pathway are profoundly discussed.