ASH 2017: Highlights on Hodgkin Lymphoma

Speaker: Michele Ghielmini

Reporting from ASH 2017 on Hodgkin Lymphoma, Michele Ghielmini describes study results from Echelon-1, comparing AAVD with ABVD, and explains how interim PET was used to adjust the intensity of the treatment in the HD18 study.

Echeolon-1 showed improved modified PFS for AAVD but also increased toxicity. In the HD18 study ~80% of patients had negative interim PET, requiring only 4 cycles of BEACOPPesc rather than 6 cycles. Interim PET could guide treatment intensity in the future and the type of treatment is also evolving as new drugs, such as PD-1 inhibitors and brentuximab vedotin, are integrated into care potentially replacing ABVD in time.


Brentuximab Vedotin Plus Doxorubicin, Vinblastine, Dacarbazine (A+AVD) As Frontline Therapy Demonstrates Superior Modified Progression-Free Survival Versus ABVD in Patients with Previously Untreated Stage III or IV Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL): The Phase 3 Echelon-1 Study
Early Interim PET in Patients with Advanced-Stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treated within the Phase 3 GHSG HD18 Study