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ESMO Congress 2019: Expert video report on breast cancer

Reporting from ESMO Congress 2019, Javier Cortes comments on positive studies in Breast Cancer that showed clinically relevant benefits. The results from MONALEESA-3 in HR+/HER2- postmenopausal breast cancer patients are further supportive for integration of CDK 4/6 inhibitors in combination with hormonal therapy in clinical practice. In early triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), KEYNOTE-522 demonstrated a benefit in response rate and showed a positive trend in terms of event-free survival with immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy in both neo-adjuvant and adjuvant treatments. In KEYNOTE-119, in previously treated metastatic TNBC, immunotherapy alone wasn't better than chemotherapy, except in patients with PD-L1 overexpression, these finding will need to be confirmed.

ASCO 2019: Expert video report on breast cancer

F. André reports on study results presented on breast cancer at ASCO 2019. He reports on the clinically significant results from the MONALEESA-7 trial, on results from the SOPHIA trial that tested a new antibody in patients with HER2-positive disease who present with genetic polymorphisms, and results from the NALA trial with interesting data in terms of delaying and preventing brain relapse.

- LBA 1008 / Phase III MONALEESA-7 trial of premenopausal patients with HR+/HER2-
- Abstract 1000 / SOPHIA primary analysis
- Abstract 1002 / phase III NALA trial.

AACR 2019: Expert Video Report on Liquid Biopsy

Reporting from AACR 2019 in Atlanta, F-C. Bidard comments on clinical utility of CTCs and ctDNA as biomarkers based on the results from two studies in breast and prostate cancer.

Track 2018: Videos reports from ESMO Congress and ASCO conference

Expert Video Report on the Management of Advanced Breast Cancer

Commenting on the findings from IMpassion130 and SOLAR-1 trials presented at ESMO 2018 Congress, Dr. Alessandra Gennari says that these two important study results will change the treatment of advanced breast cancer.
In conclusion, Dr Gennari remarks that the IMpassion130 study shows that we can improve the prognosis of metastatic triple negative breast cancer with immunotherapy, while the SOLAR-1 points out to a new Pi3K inhibitor alpelisib in ER-positive, HER2-negative disease and which appears to be less toxic than previously developed Pi3K compounds.

ESMO 2018 Congress: Highlights in HR-positive, HER2-negative advanced breast cancer LBA2_PR

Dr. Massimo Cristofanilli reports on key results from ESMO 2018 Congress: LBA2_PR: Overall survival with palbociclib plus fulvestrant in women with hormone receptor-positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative advanced breast cancer: Analyses from PALOMA-3.

ESMO 2018 Congress: Highlights in Early Stage HER2+ Breast Cancer Prevention of Cardiotoxicity

Prof. Giuseppe Curigliano reports on key results on prevention of cardiotoxicity from ESMO 2018 Congress: 192PD: Randomized Trial of Lisinopril or Carvedilol for the Prevention of Cardiotoxicity in Patients with Early Stage HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Receiving Trastuzumab.

ESMO 2018 Congress: Highlights in metastatic triple negative breast cancer LBA1 PR

Dr. Peter Schmid reports on key results from ESMO 2018 Congress: LBA1_PR: IMpassion130: Results from a global, randomised, double-blind, phase III study of atezolizumab + nab-paclitaxel vs placebo + nab-paclitaxel in treatment-naive, locally advanced or metastatic triple-negative breast cancer.

Perspectives from ASCO 2018: Early breast cancer: The PERSEPHONE study

Helena Earl reports the results from the PERSEPHONE study that she presented at ASCO 2018 in over 4,000 patients with HER2-positive early breast cancer. It is a non-inferiority trial designed to check if the standard 12 months of adjuvant trastuzumab treatment could be reduced to 6 months with comparable disease-free survival at 4 years.

Perspectives from ASCO 2018: Advances in early breast cancer: The TAILORx trial

Joseph Sparano reporting from ASCO 2018, explains that the clinical goal in designing the TAILORx trial was to integrate information from the 21-gene assay in the treatment algorithm, and learn if chemotherapy should be given with adjuvant endocrine therapy in women with HR-positive, HER2-negative, node-negative breast cancer with mid-range Recurrence Score (RS).

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