Jointly alterations of voltage-gated Na+ channel SCN5A and E-cadherin genes may impact tumor cell proliferation in human colorectal cancer

Date 29 June 2016
Event ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer 2016
Session ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer 2016 - Abstracts book
Presenter H. Tuncel
Citation Annals of Oncology (2016) 27 (2): 1-85. 10.1093/annonc/mdw199
Authors H. Tuncel1, F. Shimamto2, S. Erdamar3, M.A. Korpinar1
  • 1Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey, /
  • 2Hiroshima Prefectural University, Hiroshima, Japan, /
  • 3Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Department of Pathology, Istanbul, Turkey, /


Increasing evidence suggests that ion channels play important roles in cell proliferation, migration, apoptosis and differentiation. Cancer cell migration requires the regulation of adhesion complexes between migrating cells and surrounding extracellular matrix proteins including cadherins. The goal of this study was to assess relation between the SCN5A gene and E-cadherin gene alterations in the patients with colorectal cancer.