Modification of the cytotoxic activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles (CNP) in relation to pH (physiological vs tumoral)

Date 28 June 2017
Event ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer 2017
Session ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer 2017
Topics Gastrointestinal Cancers
Cancer biology
Basic Scientific Principles
Presenter Jose Vazquez Villa
Citation Annals of Oncology (2017) 28 (suppl_3): iii13-iii136. 10.1093/annonc/mdx261
Authors J. Vazquez Villa, D. Martinez Perez, R. Fernandez Fernandez, G.A. Francisco J, J.I. Martin Carbajo, A. Criado, L. Barneo, P. Fonseca, P.J.M. Vieitez de, J. Ferrer
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CNP have received much attention because of their excellent catalytic activities, which are derived from the oxidation state switching between Ce4+ and Ce3+. The antioxidant state is dependent of the presence of Ce3+, and this can be modified in relation of the pH of the medium as described by Perez et al (Small 2008; 4, 552–556). This property has been successfully tested by Alili et al (Biomaterials 2011; 32, 2918-2929) in a non physiological pH of 3. We tested the effect of the pH in the cytotoxicity of CNP in pH between 7.35-7.45 (physiologic) and 6.5 (pH of tumour cells).