ESMO Preceptorship on Gastrointestinal Tumours Singapore October 2016

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20 Oct - 22 Oct 2016, Singapore, Singapore

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The ESMO Preceptorship on Gastrointestinal Tumours Singapore 2016 was designed for learning about best clinical practice in the multidisciplinary management of colorectal cancer in the adjuvant and metastatic settings; understanding the importance of pathology and histoprognostic factors; learning about the management of patients after progression, side-effects of treatments, and in special situations; learning the fundamental of epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, molecular events and ethnic patterns as contributing factors to heterogeneity in gastric cancer; understanding the essentials in the diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment in gastric cancer and learning about the advances in the treatment and novel targets in gastric cancer.

Presentations of the ESMO Preceptorship on Gastrointestinal Tumours Singapore 2016 are available to ESMO members according to the presenters' agreement to release them. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.

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Date: 07 Nov 2016
Presenter: M. Sauders, UK
Resources: Presentation
Topics: Gastric Cancer, Surgical oncology, Therapy, Radiation oncology