Efficacy of Multimodality Treatment in Survival Patterns among Patients with Endometrial Carcinoma Stage III

Date 24 November 2018
Event ESMO Asia 2018 Congress
Session Poster display - Cocktail
Topics Endometrial Cancer
Presenter Radwa Elemam
Citation Annals of Oncology (2018) 29 (suppl_9): ix79-ix86. 10.1093/annonc/mdy436
Authors R.E. Elemam, I. Uthman, A. Yahya, N. Mohamed, A. Shaltout
  • None, Suez Canal University Teaching Hospital, 41522 - Ismailia/EG



Endometrial carcinoma is the most common gynecologic malignancy and is the fourth most common cancer occurring in women within the United States. Surgery is the definitive treatment of stage III, while adding chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy is still a debate. Therefore, we conducted this study to evaluate the different effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or a combination of both on 5-year survival rates of patients with stage III endometrial carcinoma undergoing total hysterectomy.


Using SEER database, we extracted the data of 284 patients with endometrial carcinoma stage III during 2010. There were 116 (41%) patients received combined surgery and chemotherapy, 36 (13%) received combined surgery and radiotherapy, and 132 (46%) combined surgery and chemoradiation.


We found no significant difference between the three therapeutic modalities in survival (p value = 0.133). However, patients aged between 40-60 years had better 5-year overall survival when receiving the trimodality or surgery combined with radiation, compared with other age groups (p value = 0.002 and 0.000, respectively). Moreover, surgery combined with chemotherapy showed better outcomes in patients with stage III A endometrial carcinoma (p value = 0.024).Table: 266P

5-year survival rates of patients with stage III Endometrial Carcinoma

VariablesSurvival of patients
Age 21-4060% #-100% #
41-6068.9 %85.7 %75.4 %
61-8065.5 %66.7 %67.3 %
≥8125% #0%0 % #
p value0.2470.000**0.002 *
Race White68.6%57.1%70.9%
American Indian/Alaska native100%#-100%#
Asian or Pacific Islander54.7%100%#72.9%
p value0.5390.3080.816
Primary Site Endometrium64.9%56.4%72.2%
Isthmus Uteri--0%#
p value0.2920.4420.481
Stage III A76.7%50.8%78.8%
Stage III B33.3%66.7%#50%
Stage III C 171.1%70.6%67.2%
Stage III C 254.5%28.6%79.8%
p value0.024*0.0640.274

Cases in this category are ≤5

No cases were found in this category -


Significant P-value ≤ 0.05


Highly significant P-value ≤ 0.001


Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or a combination of both showed no significant difference in survival for patients with stage III endometrial carcinoma who underwent hysterectomy.

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