458P - Lung cancer diagnostic delay secondary to misdiagnosis with lung tuberculosis in Dr. Moewardi Public Hospital pulmonary ward Surakarta

Date 18 December 2016
Event ESMO Asia 2016 Congress
Session Poster lunch
Topics Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Metastatic
Cancer in Special Situations
Staging Procedures (clinical staging)
Presenter Ana Rima
Citation Annals of Oncology (2016) 27 (suppl_9): ix139-ix156. 10.1093/annonc/mdw594
Authors A. Rima, I. Haryati, S. Maulana
  • Pulmonology, Sebelas Maret University, 57126 - Surakarta/ID



The clinical symptoms of lung cancer are similar to others chronic lung diseases. The tuberculosis (TB) prevalence in Indonesia is quite high so that at the early stage of lung cancer, it can be misdiagnosed as TB. This study aimed to determine the percentage of lung cancer which had been delayed in diagnosing due to the administration of anti-TB treatment for more than 1 month.


This was a prospective descriptive study of lung cancer patients in January 2014 – December 2015 period in pulmonary ward of Moewardi Hospital, Surakarta.


There were 275 lung cancer patients with 177 males (64.4%) and 98 females (35.6%). Thirty two patients (11.7%) were stage III and 243 patients (88.3%) were stage IV of lung cancer. Seventy nine of 275 patients (28.7%) had history of anti-TB treatment for 12 weeks previously. Fifty eight patients (73.4%) had history of more than one month anti-TB treatment while only 21 patients (26.6%) had history of less than one month of anti-TB treatment. Two out of 79 patients (2.5%) who had previous history of anti-TB treatment were acid-fast bacilli (AFB) smear positive patients while 44 patients (55.7%) were AFB smear negative patients and the rest of 33 patients (4.8%) had no data of direct smear microscopy (DSM) examination.


There were 28.7% lung cancer patients who had misdiagnosis of pulmonary TB and had previous history of anti-TB treatment which 73.4% of those patients had taken anti-TB treatment for more than 1 month but only 2.5% who had double diagnosis of lung cancer with lung TB.

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