308PD - Cervical cancer burden in the Radiation Oncology Unit, Mandalay General Hospital

Date 17 December 2016
Event ESMO Asia 2016 Congress
Session Gynaecological cancers
Topics Cervical Cancer
Surgical Oncology
Presenter Aye Aye Myint
Citation Annals of Oncology (2016) 27 (suppl_9): ix94-ix103. 10.1093/annonc/mdw585
Authors S. Mon1, A.A. Myint2, T.T. Aye1, S.S. Htay1
  • 1Oncology Department, Bahosi Medical Centre Bahosi Housing Complex, 11131 - Yangon/MM
  • 2Radiation Oncology Unit, Mandalay General Hospital, NA - Mandalay/MM



Mandalay General Hospital (MGH) is a 1000 bedded public tertiary care centre and serves as the main teaching hospital for the University of Medicine, Mandalay, Myanmar. Oncology services provided at MGH include medical oncology and radiation oncology. We explored the case load and studied the profile of patients with carcinoma cervix at radiation oncology unit, MGH in 2015.


The Cancer Registry for MGH was interrogated and cervical cancer cases registered from January 2015 to December 2015 were then selected and a retrospective chart review was conducted. Data regarding patients’ age, parity, date of diagnosis, Staging, histological diagnosis obtained were reviewed. Summary statistics were used to describe results.


A total of 553 women with carcinoma cervix were identified; median age was 53.24 years (range 27 yrs- 84 years). Age under 45 were 19.3% (n = 107). Regarding risk factors, 35.08% (n = 194) patients were Parity 3 -5, 25.31% (n = 140) were Parity 6-9, 13.20% (n = 73) were Parity 0-2, 2.35% (n = 13) were Parity 10-13 and missing data of 24.05% (n = 133). Histopathological diagnosis reported as Squamous Cell carcinoma were 72.33% (n = 400), Adenocarcinoma were 11.74% (n = 65). Stage distribution were 12.2% with Stage I, 6.69% with Stage II, 58.58% with Stage III, 6.69% Stage IV and 15.57% with missing data about stage.


Cervical cancer is the second commonest cancer among female malignancies registered in radiation oncology unit, MGH. More than half of patients with carcinoma cervix were still presented at an advanced stage and a relatively high number of patients having gave birth to three or more children were seen. Thus, health education of public awareness of cervical cancer should be extensively promoted to improve early detection and access to proper treatment to reduce cervical cancer mortality in Myanmar.

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Radiation Oncology Unit, MGH


Radiation Oncology Unit, MGH


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