YO3 - A case of right breast metastasis from left renal cell cancer

Date 18 December 2016
Event ESMO Asia 2016 Congress
Session Poster lunch
Topics Renal Cell Cancer
Presenter Nozomi Kamisada
Authors N. Kamisada1, K. Kimizuka1, M. Ogura1, J. Sugiyama1, H. Miyake1, T. Kikuchi2, W. Kang2, M. Ohhara2, T. Hachiya3, T. Takimoto4
  • 1Department Of Breast Surgery, Kasukabe Medical Center, 344-8588 - Kasukabe/JP
  • 2Department Of Surgery, Kasukabe Medical Center, 344-8588 - Kasukabe/JP
  • 3Department Of Urology, Kasukabe Medical Center, 344-8588 - Kasukabe/JP
  • 4Department Of Histopathology, Kasukabe Medical Center, 344-8588 - Kasukabe/JP


Case Summary

Metastasis to the breast from extramammary tumors are not common. Especially, from renal cancer are very rare. We report a case of right breast metastasis from left renal cancer.

A-53-year-old woman who had undergone left radical nephrectomy for renal cell cancer 4 years ago noticed hematuria. Cytodiagnosis of urine showed class II. By computed tomography (CT), a right renal tumor was detected. There were no clear defects in retrograde ureteral angiography. PET CT scans showed there was a right breast tumor and a right renal tumor.

The breast tumor in the upper inner quadrant that was examined was only induration. The patient was not aware of the tumor. In the mammographic (MMG) findings, the tumor was observed to be round, circumscribed and of equal density. In the ultrasonographic(US) findings, a low echoic and homogeneous tumor was found in the right breast, and was measured 14mm in diameter. The tumor looked like a fibroadenoma in MMG and US. Core needle biopsy showed that the tumor was metastasized from renal cell carcinoma. She had lumpectomy, and the result of the histopathological examination was metastasis from renal clear cell carcinoma. Afterwards, she had right partial nephrectomy in another hospital. Since multiple lung metastasis was detected, she is now being treated by Axitinib and other medications.

Diagnosis of metastatic tumors in the mammary glands is very important because the treatment strategy is different. In this case, since we diagnosed metastasis tumor before operation, we avoided overtreatment, such as total mastectomy or sentinel lymphnode biopsy.