LBA39 - IMmotion150: Novel Radiological Endpoints and Updated Data From a Randomized Phase II Trial Investigating Atezolizumab (atezo) With or Without Beva...

Date 10 September 2017
Event ESMO 2017 Congress
Session Genitourinary tumours, non-prostate
Topics Cytotoxic agents
Renal Cell Cancer
Genitourinary Cancers
Biological therapy
Presenter Thomas Powles
Citation Annals of Oncology (2017) 28 (suppl_5): v605-v649. 10.1093/annonc/mdx440
Authors T. Powles1, D.F. McDermott2, B. Rini3, R.J. Motzer4, M.B. Atkins5, L. Fong6, R.W. Joseph7, S.K. Pal8, A. Ravaud9, S. Bracarda10, C. Suarez Rodriguez11, M. Maio12, M. Gore13, V. Grünwald14, M. Staehler15, J. Qiu16, A. Thobhani17, M. Huseni18, C. Schiff19, B. Escudier20
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Immunotherapy and VEGF-targeting therapies improve mRCC outcomes; however, immune escape and/or resistance often develops so new agents and combinations are needed. Here, we prospectively explore novel efficacy endpoints and report updated data from IMmotion150 (NCT01984242), a Ph II trial of atezo (anti–PD-L1) with or without bev (anti-VEGF) vs sun (TKI) in 1L mRCC.


Treatment-naive mRCC patients (pts) were randomized to atezo 1200 mg IV q3w + bev 15 mg/kg IV q3w, atezo 1200 mg IV q3w alone or sun 50 mg PO QD 4 wk on/2 wk off. PD-L1 expression was scored on tumor-infiltrating immune cells (IC; VENTANA SP142 IHC assay). Coprimary endpoints were independent review (IRF)–assessed PFS (RECIST v1.1) in ITT and PD-L1 + (≥ 1% IC) pts. Other endpoints included investigator (INV)-assessed PFS by RECIST v1.1 and immune-modified RECIST (imRECIST) and patient-reported outcomes (PROs).


After a median 25.7 mo of follow-up, results remained consistent with the primary analysis (median follow-up, 20.7 mo), showing clinically meaningful benefit in IRF- and INV-PFS with atezo + bev vs sun in PD-L1+ pts (RECIST v1.1; Table). The INV-PFS (imRECIST) HR for atezo + bev vs sun was 0.78 in ITT pts and 0.47 in PD-L1+ pts (Table). Safety of atezo + bev was consistent with the known safety profile of each agent alone; further follow-up showed no new safety signals. PROs will be presented.


Updated efficacy (RECIST v1.1) confirmed the encouraging activity of atezo + bev in PD-L1+ 1L RCC, with no new safety signals. Data per imRECIST, compared with RECIST v1.1, showed benefit of atezo + bev in PD-L1+ and ITT pts and may contribute to our understanding of the clinical activity of cancer immunotherapy in mRCC. The clinical benefit of atezo + bev vs sun will be further evaluated in the ongoing Ph III study IMmotion151 (NCT02420821).Table:


ITTPD-L1 Expression on ≥ 1% of IC (PD-L1+)
SunAtezoAtezo + BevSunAtezoAtezo + Bev
n = 101n = 103n = 101n = 60n = 54n = 50
Median PFS (IRF, RECIST v1.1) (95% CI), mo8.16.711.66.45.412.1
(5.7, 10.9)(5.4, 13.6)(8.4, 17.3)(3.8, 8.7)(3.0, 11.1)(8.2, 22.9)
Stratified HR vs sunitinib (95% CI) 1.040.950.970.65
(0.73, 1.48)(0.67, 1.34)(0.61, 1.54)(0.40, 1.05)
Median PFS (INV, RECIST v1.1) (95% CI), mo7.85.511.06.85.511.1
(5.7, 9.8)(3.0, 8.3)(8.2, 13.5)(5.4, 11.2)(3.0, 10.9)(8.1, 16.7)
Stratified HR vs sunitinib (95% CI)1.130.880.960.60
(0.82, 1.55)(0.64, 1.22)(0.63, 1.46)(0.38, 0.94)
Median PFS (INV, imRECISTa) (95%, CI), mo9.98.517.38.410.921.9
(7.0, 14.1)(7.9, 13.6)(11.6, 24.9)(5.8, 11.3)(5.4, 14.0)(11.1, 27.6)
Stratified HR vs sunitinib (95% CI)1.050.780.870.47
(0.74, 1.49)(0.55, 1.11)(0.55, 1.39)(0.29, 0.78)

imRECIST criteria are based on RECIST v1.1 and include adaptations for response patterns observed with cancer immunotherapy (Mazieres et al. ASCO 2016). Data cutoff: April 2017

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F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd


F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd


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