1357P - Psychometric properties of the functional assessment for chronic illness therapy-spiritual wellbeing (FACIT-Sp) and its relationship wtih quality o...

Date 09 October 2016
Event ESMO 2016 Congress
Session Poster display
Topics Psychosocial Aspects of Cancer
Presenter Carmen Beato Zambrano
Citation Annals of Oncology (2016) 27 (6): 469-473. 10.1093/annonc/mdw386
Authors C. Beato Zambrano1, C. Calderón2, P. Jimenez Fonseca3, A. Carmona-Bayonas4, T. García4, A. Ramchandani5, M.D.M. Muñoz6, B. Castelo7, E. Martinez de Castro8, M.D. Fenor9, J. Rogado Revuelta9, M. Mangas Izquierdo10, M.Á. Vicente4, I. Ghanem7, A. Fernández4, A. Padilla5, M.P. Solis Hernandez11, O. Donnay9, M.D.M. Soriano6, C. Jara12
  • 1Medical Oncology, Clínica Sagrado Corazón, 41013 - Sevilla/ES
  • 2Personality Assessment And Psichological Treatment, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona/ES
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  • 12Medical Oncology, Hospital Sur de Alcorcón, Madrid/ES



In recent years, there has been a growing interest in evaluating the relationship between spiritual wellbeing and health in cancer patients. Our goal is to analyse the trustworthiness and validity of the spiritual wellbeing scale (FACIT-Sp), and the link between the three factors of the scale and the Quality of Life (QoL) in a sample of cancer patients.


NEOCOPING* is a prospective, multi-centre study. A total of 297 patients from 13 centers were checked and 195 were finally admitted, 33 were rejected because they did not match the inclusion criteria and 69 were excluded because they had not completed all the protocol at the time of the analysis. All the patients had a non-metastatic resected cancer with intention to cure and were candidates to adjuvant chemotherapy. The variables included in this study were sociodemographic, clinical, pathological and psycho-social, and the questionnaires used were FACIT-Sp scales and EORT-QLQ-C30.


Mean age of the patients was 58.3 years (SD = 12.2), and 60% were women. The main cancers were: colon (41.5%) and breast (34.4%). The results show that FACIT-Sp gives an excellent internal consistency (α = 0.901). Statistician Kaiser-Meyer-Okin (KMO)= .734 and Barlett's sphericity test (?2 = 2174.643, p 


FACIT-Sp is a trustworthy and reliable tool to evaluate spiritual wellbeing in cancer patients with non-metastatic resected cancer, and it's a useful and interesting concept for future investigations in oncology.

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