1218PD - EAST-LC: Randomized controlled phase III trial of S-1 versus docetaxel in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer who had received a platinum-base...

Date 09 October 2016
Event ESMO 2016 Congress
Session NSCLC, metastatic
Topics Anticancer Agents
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Biological Therapy
Presenter Makoto Nishio
Citation Annals of Oncology (2016) 27 (6): 416-454. 10.1093/annonc/mdw383
Authors M. Nishio1, T.S.K. Mok2, K. Nakagawa3, N. Yamamoto4, Y. Shi5, L. Zhang6, S. Lu7, R. Soo8, J. Yang9, S. Morita10, S. Sugawara11, H. Nokihara12, T. Takahashi13, K. Goto14, J. Chang15, M. Maemondo16, Y. Ichinose17, Y. Cheng18, W. Lim19, T. Tamura20
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  • 20Thoracic Center, St. Luke's International Hospital, 104-8560 - Tokyo/JP



Two phase II studies had evaluated the efficacy and safety of S-1, an oral 5-FU, in patients with previously treated NSCLC. The results of these studies suggested that S-1 was comparable to the docetaxel (DOC), a standard therapy for previously treated NSCLC. This randomized phase III study aims to establish non-inferiority of S-1 monotherapy to DOC in patients with previously treated NSCLC in Asia.


Patients with stage IIIB/IV NSCLC who had received at least 1 regimen of platinum-based chemotherapy with/without prior exposure to gefitinib or erlotinib were eligible. Patients were randomized to S-1 (80-120 mg/day on days 1-28 every 42-day) or DOC (60 mg/m2 in Japan, 75 mg/m2 in other countries, on day 1 every 21days). The primary objective was to evaluate whether S-1 is non-inferior to DOC in terms of overall survival (OS) (upper CI limit for HR 


Total of 1154 patients were enrolled from 7/2010 to 6/2014; and median follow-up time was 30.75 months. The median OS of the S-1 group was non-inferior to the DOC group (12.75 months versus 12.52 months; hazard ratio [HR] 0.945; 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.833-1.073; P =0.3818). Subgroup analysis by country (Japan vs non-Japan) is summarized in Table. PFS was also similar between the two groups (2.86 months versus 2.89 months). Grade 3 or higher febrile neutropenia and neutropenia were higher in the DOC group (0.9%vs 13.6%; 5.4% vs 47.7% in S1 and DOC group, respective). Other non-hematoloic toxicities in S1 and DOC group are as followed; diarrhea (37.2% versus 18.2%), stomatitis (23.9% versus 14.5%) and decreased appetite (52.6% versus 37.9%), respectively.

Japan Non-Japan
No of Pt 359 361 211 216
MST(m) 12.6 13.4 12.1 10.8
HR (95%CI) 0.922 (0.789-1.079) 1.056 (0.854-1.307)
Interaction test P value 0.3374


S-1 is non-inferior to DOC in terms of OS, with tolerable toxicity. S-1 monotherapy is one of the treatment options for patients with previously treated NSCLC.

Clinical trial identification

JapicCTI-101155 http://www.clinicaltrials.jp/user/cteDetail.jsp

Legal entity responsible for the study

Taiho Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.


Taiho Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.


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