838P - Characteristics and prognostic factors in 455 elderly pts over 70 with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) treated with target therapies (TT) in...

Date 27 September 2014
Event ESMO 2014
Session Poster Display session
Topics Anticancer Agents
Renal Cell Cancer
Geriatric Oncology
Biological Therapy
Presenter Anna Paola Fraccon
Citation Annals of Oncology (2014) 25 (suppl_4): iv280-iv304. 10.1093/annonc/mdu337
Authors A.P. Fraccon1, F. Pasini2, U. Basso3, F. Larussa4, F. Valduga5, G. Lo Re6, C. Graiff7, G. Rosti8, A. Bearz9, D. Sartori10, C. Abeni11, F. Grillone12, G. Vicario13, C. Pegoraro14, F. Bassan15, D. Da Corte16, C. Modonesi17, R. Segati18, M. Medici19, C. Barile20
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  • 20Medical Oncology, Osp. Santa Maria Misericordia, Rovigo/IT



Limited information is still available on the role of TT for mRCC in elderly pts to inform their use in clinical practice.


Individual data of 1238 pts treated with TT from mid 2007 to December 2012 were obtained from 35 Italian Institutions; this study reports about the 455 pts over 70 (36.7%).


Median age was 75 yrs (range 70-91). Comorbidities were 0-1 in 49%, 2 in 23%, 3 in 11%, >4 in 12% of the pts, the most frequent being hypertension (48%), cardiac (25%), metabolic (16%), diabetes (15%), gastrointestinal (11%), other malignancy (9%). Median overall survival (mOS) was 22 mo. 1st line (ln) treatment (tx) was: sunitinib (su) 74%, sorafenib (so) 15.5%, temsirolimus (tem) 5%, others (5.5%). mOS was 26.7 for su, 21 for so (p= NS) and 4 for tem. Median 1st ln PFS was 9.8 mo: su 12.3, so 7.2 (su vs so: p= 0.02), tem 1.9 (so vs tem: p > 0.001). Disease control rate was 64% (293 pts). Toxicities for su/so (% of all grades) were as follows: mucosites (42/31), hypertension (41/25), haematological (54/4), diarrhea (14/25), fatigue (50/53), rash (10.5/24), HFS (17/39). Main G3 toxicities were hypertension (11%) and fatigue (8%); G4 were< 1%. Dose reduction and tx interruption were required in 60%-65% and 32%-38% of the pts on su and so, respectively, mostly for toxicity (44%) or prudential reasons/declining PS (21%). 206 pts (45%) received 2nd ln tx. OS from starting 2nd ln tx was 15.4 mo. mPFS of 2nd ln was 3.3 mo: su 4.5, everolimus 4, so 3, other 2.7 (eve vs so: p= 0.02; su vs so: p= 0.045). Good PS, nephrectomy, duration of 1st line tx > 6 mo were statistically related to execution of 2nd line tx at logistic regression. At Cox multivariate analysis, CC histology, nephrectomy, good PS, response, duration of 1st ln tx >6 mo, execution of 2nd ln tx were favourable prognostic factors for OS. 73 pts (16%) received 3 or more lines of tx: mOS of this group was 39 mo.


This survey shows that i) TT were feasible in elderly, ii) outcome and toxicities were comparable to those of younger pts, iii) CC histology, nephrectomy, good PS, response to 1st ln tx, duration of 1st ln tx >6 mo, execution of 2nd ln tx were favourable prognostic factors for OS.


All authors have declared no conflicts of interest.