52P - Chromosomal aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes of lung cancer patients: A possible tool for early diagnosis

Date 15 April 2016
Event European Lung Cancer Conference 2016 (ELCC) 2016
Session Poster lunch
Topics Thoracic Malignancies
Translational Research
Basic Principles in the Management and Treatment (of cancer)
Presenter Shekhar Goyal
Citation Journal of Thoracic Oncology (2016) 11 (supplement 4): S57-S166. S1556-0864(16)X0004-4
Authors S. Goyal1, I. Bhadu1, A. Kapoor2, N.R. R1
  • 1Operations, SIARAM CLINICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, 334001 - Bikaner/IN
  • 2Oncology, Banaras Hindu University, 221005 - Varanasi/IN



Genomic instability is a prerequisite for the carcinogenesis. The majority of cancer cells are aneuploid, representing dynamic karyotypic changes, including gain or loss of whole chromosomes, chromosomal rearrangements and amplification or deletion of genetic material. The frequency of chromosomal aberrations in human peripheral blood lymphocytes has routinely been used as a tool for the identification of occupational and environmental hazards. The aim of present study was to assess the spectrum of chromosomal aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes of lung cancer patients.


25 randomly selected cases of lung cancer and 25 unrelated healthy control individuals were investigated in the present study. The peripheral blood lymphocytes were cultured using standard protocol. GTG banding was done using Benn and Perle technique. In each case, 100 metaphases were screened for numerical as well as structural aberrations.


Higher frequency of aberrant metaphases with chromosomal aberrations including gaps, breaks, terminal deletions, premature chromatid separations, acentric fragments, double minutes, acrocentric associations, polyploidy, loss and gain of chromosomes, ring chromosome and marker chromosomes were observed in cancer patients as compared to controls. A non-random involvement in aberrations of chromosomes harbouring genes implicated in tumorigenesis was observed in lung cancer patients.


Aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes can indicate the constitutional anomalies and understanding of molecular basis of chromosomal instability phenotype can help in earlier diagnosis or prognosis.

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