Targeting the CDK4/6 Pathway in Breast Cancer

Speaker: Luca Malorni

L.Malorni explores the CDK4/6 kinases and the importance of its inhibition in treating breast cancer. He also analyses results with the PD-0332991 inhibitor, anticipating a potentially promising future targeting this pathway.

Discussion Points

  • What are CDK4/6 kinases responsible for at the molecular level?
  • How and why could their inhibition be important for the treatment of HER2 positive advanced breast cancer?
  • One original paper presented at IMPAKT was about an early study with the CDK4/6 inhibitor PD-0332991: can you briefly summarise the key findings and possibly compare them with findings reported at other recent meetings, e.g. AACR 2014?
  • Which phase 3 studies are currently ongoing?
  • Can you predict a future outlook for CDK4/6 inhibition?