Right or Left met colon cancer: The impact of tumour side on treatment efficacy

Speaker: Chiara Cremolini

C. Cremolini digs into how tumour side impact on efficacy of molecular targeted therapy in colon cancer and markers of EGFR resistance in right side tumours. She underlines a need for more intensified first-line treatment in RAS and BRAF wt right side colon cancer (triple chemo and antiangiogenic antibody). More research is needed to understand why some patients with right side, RAS and BRAF wt colon cancer may derive benefit from anti-EGFR mAb, while some patients with left side RAS and BRAF wt tumours do not respond.

Discussion Points

  1. Right or Left metastatic colon cancer: Will the tumour side change the treatment?
  2. How information about tumour side and molecular profile translate into clinical decisions?