Patient-derived xenograft models

Speaker: Gail Eckhardt

G. Eckhardt digs into patient-derived xenograft models of solid tumours, a powerful new research tool to study tumour biology, reveals the potential utility of novel therapies, and evaluates personalised therapy based on distinct genomic features of the tumour. In particular, she stresses on models strengths and weaknesses and tumour types in which the clinical research is in most advanced stage.

Discussion points

  • What are patient-derived xenograft models and which methods of tumour xenotransplantation exist?
  • What are the strengths of patient-derived xenograft models?
  • What are weaknesses of patient-derived xenograft models?
  • How are these models important for drug development and predicting effectiveness of novel cancer therapeutics?
  • In which tumour types are patient-derived xenograft models clinically relevant?