Clarifying the role of targeted therapies in subsets of NSCLC patients

Speaker: Solange Peters

S. Peters provides an expert view by analysing the results of afatinib in LUX-Lung 3 and LUX-Lung 6 trials, results from the RADIANT study of adjuvant erlotinib in resected EGFR-positive NSCLC, and the results of onartuzumab plus erlotinib vs. erlotinib alone in MET Lung trial.

Discussion Points

The main findings from the following studies are discussed:

  • LUX-Lung 3 and LUX-Lung 6 trials: comparing afatinib to chemotherapy in first line
  • RADIANT trial: results of erlotinib as an adjuvant therapy
  • MET Lung trial: comparing onartuzumab + erlotinib vs erlotinib alone