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Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition is a specialised business of Danone, focused on pioneering nutritional discoveries that help people live healthier and longer lives. Nutricia aims to establish medical nutrition as an integral part of healthcare, expanding Danone's mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible.
Nutricia's extensive range of evidence-based nutrition products and services offer proven benefits and better patient outcomes. The company works with doctors and healthcare professionals in 40 countries to deliver better care and to lower the cost of care. Nutricia serves patients in hospitals, care home settings and in the community.

The company pioneers nutritional solutions for oncology, critical care, stroke, frailty and memory loss. In paediatric care, Nutricia offers innovative products and services for the management of cow’s milk allergy, genetic metabolic disorders and faltering growth.


Summary: Evidence based guidelines with recommendations on multi-disciplinary team management of malnutrition and metabolic derangements in cancer patients.

Summary: Evidence based recommendations that focus on the need for overall nutritional status screening in cancer patients and the use of multi-modal intervention with individualized plans to increase nutritional intake, physical activity and decrease inflammation and chronic stress.

Summary: In Europe, there is insufficient awareness among HCPs of nutritional problems among cancer patients undergoing surgery. This position paper aims to increase knowledge and promote nutritional assessment and intervention, prior to surgery, in oncology patients. 

Key articles

Summary: Article explaining the importance of measuring body composition in cancer patients, including a definition of cancer cachexia, the importance of body composition beyond weight in this population, available management strategies and also a 3-step approach that oncologists can follow to detect and manage cancer cachexia.

Summary: Article that studies the relationship between the BMI adjusted weight loss grading system (WLGS) and cachexia domains (anorexia, dietary intake, KPS and physical and emotional functioning) in 1,406 patients with incurable cancer.

Summary: Review focusing on the relationship between undernutrition in cancer patients and drug PK/PD. This article proposes the need to change the dosage of anticancer drugs taking into consideration undernutrition, thus optimizing the effects of chemotherapy. 

Summary: This review focuses on the importance of lean mass to predict PK and drug toxicities in cancer patients, and thus more accurately dose patients, to prevent further problems.

Summary: This commentary piece was put together by several Italian societies to increase awareness among oncologist on nutritional issues faced by cancer patients. It includes a table with “Cancer Patients’ Bill of Rights for appropriate and prompt Nutritional Support”. 

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