About OncologyPRO

OncologyPRO - Oncology Professional Resources Online

OncologyPRO is the home of ESMO’s educational and scientific resources, with Guidelines, a comprehensive list of E-Learning modules, Factsheets on biomarkers, slides and webcasts from our educational programme, and more... to support continuing medical education and daily practice!

By providing ONE single access to multiple sources, OncologyPRO is a powerful tool that not only helps oncologists save time but also:

  • Stay updated on the latest trends and discoveries in oncology around the world
  • Develop better cancer therapies
  • Learn about best practices from peers
  • Expand clinical expertise
  • Improve understanding of clinical trials
  • Facilitate individualised medicine

Not an ESMO member yet? Join here and access directly all the content relevant to your area of expertise in OncologyPRO.

  • Oncology News: Stay current with the latest articles from medwireNews and the video reports from experts
  • Tumour Sites: Find all resources grouped together according to the disease you are interested in
  • Meeting Resources: From a single page you can access abstracts, webcasts and slides (where these have been made available) and explore these resources using an advanced search
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines: Access recommendations for the highest standard of care for cancer patients via evidence-based information including the incidence of the malignancy, diagnostic criteria, staging of disease and risk assessment, treatment plans and follow-up
  • Education Library: Find E-Learning and V-Learning Modules for your continuing medical education, all ESMO Publications (books series and journals), Factsheets, Glossaries...
  • Oncology in Practice: Find Practice tools for daily use and resources on topics such as Immuno-Oncology, Biomarkers, Cancer in special populations, Supportive care ... 

OncologyPRO Working Group

The OncologyPRO Working Group members are responsible for:

  • Selecting and reviewing material to be included in OncologyPRO (from ESMO and third parties)
  • Reviewing content on an annual basis
  • Identifying potential improvements (content and structure)
  • Identifying potential sources of new material to be included in the portal

The OncologyPRO Working Group members representing ESMO are listed below:

Name ESMO Role Country
Konstantinos Kamposioras OncologyPRO Working Group Chair United Kingdom
Elizabeth Smyth OncologyPRO Working Group co-Chair United Kingdom
Keith McGregor Chief Executive Officer ESMO Staff
Svetlana Jezdic Oncologist ESMO Staff
Evangelos Bournakis OncologyPRO Working Group Member Greece
Ana Catarina Da Costa Pereira Pinto OncologyPRO Working Group Member Portugal
Rocio Garcia-Carbonero OncologyPRO Working Group Member Spain
Valentina Guarneri OncologyPRO Working Group Member Italy
Eva Regina Haspinger OncologyPRO Working Group Member Germany
Henk van Halteren OncologyPRO Working Group Member The Netherlands
Riccardo Marconcini OncologyPRO Working Group Member Italy
Joel Guigay OncologyPRO Working Group Member France
Andrea Necchi OncologyPRO Working Group Member Italy
Maurice Pérol OncologyPRO Working Group Member France
Elizabeth Smyth OncologyPRO Working Group Member United Kingdom
Timothy Anthony Yap OncologyPRO Working Group Member USA
Last update: 25 April 2018