ESMO Consensus Conference: Early stage non-small cell lung cancer consensus on diagnosis, treatment and follow-up

Published in 2014 - Ann Oncol (2014) doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdu089
Authors: J. Vansteenkiste, L. Crino, C. Dooms, J.Y. Douillard, C. Faivre-Finn, E. Lim, G. Rocco, S. Senan, P. Van Schil, G. Veronesi, R. Stahel, S. Peters, E. Felip

Written to complement the ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines, this manuscript focuses on stage I and II disease. The publication discusses LDCT Screening in non-clinical trial patients, whether or not tissue based diagnosis is necessary before surgery or radiation, functional cardiopulmonary evaluation before resection, when sub-lobular resection is an acceptable therapeutic choice, optimal management of multifocal lung cancer, and beyond staging: which factors to consider when selecting adjuvant treatment.

  • optimal follow-up after surgery and SABR

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Last update: 20 February 2014