Bone sarcomas: ESMO–PaedCan–EURACAN: Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up

Published in 2018 – Ann Oncol (2018) 29 (Suppl 4): iv79–iv95.
Authors: P.G. Casali, N. Abecassis, S. Bauer, R. Biagini, S. Bielack, S. Bonvalot, I. Boukovinas, J.V.M.G Bovee, B. Brennan, T. Brodowicz, J.M. Broto, L. Brugiere, A. Buonadonna, E. De Álava, A.P. Dei Tos, X.G. Del Muro, P. Dileo, C. Dhooge, M. Eriksson, F. Fagioli, A. Fedenko, V. Ferraresi, A. Ferrari, S. Ferrari, A.M. Frezza, N. Gaspar, S. Gasperoni, H. Gelderblom, T. Gil, G. Grignani, R. Grimer, A. Gronchi, A. Hannu, R. Haas, B. Hassan, P. Hohenberger, R. Issels, H. Joensuu, R.L. Jones, I. Judson, P. Jutte, S. Kaal, B. Kasper, K. Kopeckova, D.A. Krákorová, R. Ladenstein, A. Le Cesne, I. Lugowska, O. Merimsky, M. Montemurro, B. Morland, M.A. Pantaleo, R. Piana, P. Picci, S. Piperno-Neumann, A.L. Pousa, P. Reichardt, M.H. Robinson, P. Rutkowski, A.A. Safwat, P. Schöffski, S. Sleijfer, S. Stacchiotti, K. Sundby Hall, M. Unk, F. Van Coevorden, W. Van der Graaf, J. Whelan, E. Wardelmann, O. Zaikova & J.Y. Blay, on behalf of the ESMO Guidelines Committee, ERN PaedCan and ERN EURACAN*

The 2018 ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines on bone sarcomas have been produced by ESMO in partnership with EURACAN (European Reference Network for Rare Adult Solid Cancers) and PaedCan (European Reference Network for Paediatric Oncology). They are conceived to provide the standard approach to diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Recommended interventions are intended to correspond to the ‘standard’ approaches, according to current consensus among the European multidisciplinary sarcoma community of experts. These are represented by the members of the ESMO Sarcoma Faculty, experts appointed by PaedCan and all institutions belonging to the Sarcoma domain of EURACAN.
New algorithms are provided regarding diagnosis, staging and general therapeutic strategies for the three most frequent bone sarcomas.

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