ESMO Handbook on Clinical Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Agents

2012 ESMO Handbook of Clinical Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Agents

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This is a user-friendly handbook, designed for young medical oncologists, where they can access the essential information they need for providing the treatment which could have the highest chance of being effective and tolerable. By finding out more about pharmacology from this handbook, young medical oncologists will be better able to assess the different options available and become more knowledgeable in the evaluation of new treatments.


Chapter 1: Preclinical Drug Development: Translating Basic Research into Clinical Work

Chapter 2: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: Main Concepts and Clinical Applications

Chapter 3: Alkylating Agents

Chapter 4: Platinum Agents

Chapter 5: Antimetabolites

Chapter 6: Topoisomerase-I and -II Inhibitors

Chapter 7: Tubulin-Active Agents

Chapter 8: Miscellaneous

Chapter 9: Hormonal Pathways Modulators of the Reproductive System

Chapter 10: Growth Factor Receptor Targeting: Anti-HER and Anti-IGF-1R

Chapter 11: Tumour Vessel Targeting

Chapter 12: Downstream Receptor Targeting: PI3K, mTOR, K-ras, BRAF, MEK

Chapter 13: Cancer-related Receptor Targeting: Bcr-Abl, KIT, MET

Chapter 14: Epigenetic Therapy: DNA Methyltransferase Inhibitors and Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors

Chapter 15: Proteasome Inhibitors

Chapter 16: Monoclonal Antibodies for Targeted Treatment of Lymphoproliferative Neoplasias

Chapter 17: Immunomodulatory Drugs and Cytokines