ESMO Handbook of Cancer Prevention

2008 ESMO Handbook of Cancer Prevention


A foreword is a curious entity: first read, last written and usually by someone whose involvement in the preparation of the book has been fairly minimal. Such is the case with this book, but I am nonetheless delighted to be able to introduce it here and to commend authors and editors on the first-rate job they have done. This ESMO Handbook of Cancer Prevention follows hard on the heels of the ESMO Handbook of Principles of Translational Research and constitutes the fourth volume of a series that has been particularly well received by the oncology community. Part of that reception has been due, I have no doubt, to the quality of the handbooks themselves, but I also feel that the careful choice of subjects – oncologic emergencies, advanced cancer care, translational research, and now cancer prevention – has played a significant part too.

Do we need, at this point in time, to ask why ESMO, an organisation for medical oncology has commissioned a book on cancer prevention? I hope not, and I am sure that anyone who takes even a little time with this book will soon come to see why oncologists must take a part in cancer prevention, not just in areas such as the administration of aromatase inhibitors but also in tobacco control, nutrition, and the working environment. Oncologists have the potential to be a large and important group of activists for cancer prevention measures, and faced, as we are daily, with the failure of cancer prevention we have more incentives than many others to see them implemented. Seen in this light, this handbook is both timely and necessary, and it is my sincere hope that you will find it both a practical tool and guide to thinking about this vital subject.

David J Kerr, MD


Dirk Schrijvers; Hans-Jörg Senn; Håkan Mellstedt; Branko Zakotnik


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