Thoracic Tumours: Essentials for Clinicians, 2nd edition

2019 ESMO Essentials for Clinicians Thoracic Tumours

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Thoracic Tumours: Essentials for Clinicians, 2nd edition is intended primarily to be read by young oncologists (residents at the beginning of their career) and provides the reader with the essential information or ‘What every oncologist should know’. In addition to more common cancers such as non-small cell lung cancer, the title also discusses rarer tumour types, such as extragonadal germ cell tumours. This second edition introduces new chapters on targeted therapy for oncogene-addicted tumours and immunotherapy for advanced NSCLC. In addition to the essentials, the book also introduces more advanced knowledge for those who wish to explore the topic further.

As with all titles in the Essentials for Clinicians series, the subject is presented in a very visual and didactic format to enable the reader to easily assimilate the information and includes revision questions to test the acquired knowledge.

Rolf A Stahel
Solange Peters
Marina Chiara Garassino