We are witnessing big improvements in the diagnosis and therapy of thoracic malignancies. This second edition of Thoracic Tumours: Essentials for Clinicians encompasses the whole spectrum of current knowledge and provides clinicians with an easily accessible overview as well as a focus on key developments in thoracic malignancies.

Under the editorial supervision of Solange Peters and Marina Garassino, all the chapters have been contributed by experts in thoracic malignancies highly regarded in their field, including epidemiology, pathology, pulmonology, surgery, radiotherapy and medical oncology.

The topics range from pathology to early diagnosis and screening to the current therapeutic options for lung cancer. In addition, essential information on less common forms of thoracic malignancies such as mesothelioma, thymic malignancies and neuroendocrine tumours is included. The short and to the point text together with the many colour illustrations provide the reader with a pleasurable way to acquire information.

Professor Rolf Stahel
Zürich, Switzerland

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Last update: 12 June 2019