Essentials for Clinicians: Lymphomas - Introduction

ESMO has decided to publish a series of booklets devoted to “Essentials for Clinicians” about specific tumours or tumour groups. The editors have taken on the difficult task of preparing the first of these, which should serve also as a template for those to follow. We have to admit we were distinctly sceptical when we first heard about the project. First of all, we thought that in the era of e-learning it was difficult to imagine how such an endeavour could easily squeeze between, on the one hand, the multitude of guidelines and, on the other, some very excellent standard textbooks. Our scepticism was even greater since the editors had not only to create the template for this series, but to do so with nothing less than the malignant lymphomas, a very complex group of neoplasias encompassing at least three dozen different entities with a wide variety of pathological patterns.

We are delighted to recognise today that the result of their endeavour is astonishing: they have devised a novel format, which is very modern, including the impression of looking like a PowerPoint presentation. The book is also very interactive: at the end of each page the reader can check, thanks to a couple of questions, whether he/she has understood the most important points and, concluding each chapter, there is additionally a brief, but complete, summary as well as selective further critical readings, should they be needed. Without doubt, a highly comprehensive account of the essential features of the malignant lymphomas and their management can be found in this reader-friendly booklet.

ESMO is now very fortunate to have a magnificent template for the preparation of the next “Essentials for Clinicians”.

Professor Andrew Lister, London, UK

Professor Franco Cavalli, Bellinzona, Switzerland

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Last update: 14 August 2013