Head & Neck Cancers: Essentials for Clinicians

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Head & Neck Cancers: Essentials for Clinicians provides the most clinically relevant and updated information for optimal prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this heterogeneous group of tumours.Although classified as rare cancers, head and neck cancers together represent a very large group of malignancies, lying around fifth in terms of absolute worldwide incidence (this volume also includes thyroid cancers).This publication is structured into two sections: one covering the basics of what every oncologist should know and the other providing more advanced information, including discussion of rarer subtypes such as nasopharyngeal cancer and salivary gland cancers.High-quality illustrations and a clear layout make the book an easy-to-use and accessible source of knowledge, and provide a balanced and up-to-date summary of the current state of the art for students and physicians interested in cancers of the head and neck.The title is the sixth in the popular Essentials for Clinicians series, created to explain complicated concepts in the management of tumours in a concise, clear and accessible way, giving the reader a strong theoretical foundation that can then be built upon.


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Part A: What Every Oncologist Should Know

Chapter 1 - Epidemiology, Risk factors and Pathogenesis of Squamous Cell Tumours

Chapter 2 - Diagnosis and Staging of Squamous Cell Tumours

Chapter 3 - Histopathological and Molecular Characterisation of Squamous Cell Tumours

Chapter 4 - Site- and Stage-driven Treatment Strategy in Non-metastatic Disease

Chapter 5 - Principles of Surgery of Squamous Cell Tumours

Chapter 6 - Principles of Radiotherapy of Squamous Cell Tumours

Chapter 7 - Treatment of Recurrent or Metastatic Disease

Chapter 8 - Thyroid Carcinomas

Part B: More Advanced Knowledge

Chapter 9 - Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Chapter 10 - Salivary Gland Tumours

Chapter 11 - Individualised Supportive Care Before and During Curative Treatment of Head and Neck Tumours

Chapter 12 - Emerging Targets and New Agents in Squamous Head and Neck Tumours


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