Summary and Further Reading

Chapter 1 - Histopathology of Gynaecological Cancers


  • Ovarian tumours:
    • Epithelial ovarian tumours
    • Sex cord ovarian tumours
    • Germ cell ovarian carcinomas
  • Ovarian cancer is not a homogeneous disease, but rather a group of diseases—each with different morphology and biological behaviour. Reproducible histopathological diagnosis of tumour cell type is a conditio sine qua non for successful treatment. FIGO staging has recently been revised and reflects the tumour dissemination and subsequent prognosis
  • Uterine corpus tumours:
    • Sarcomas
    • Type 1: Endometrioid carcinomas
    • Type 2: Serous carcinomas
  • In uterine corpus cancers, three major types can be identified according to their intrinsic biology and subsequent treatments: (1) epithelial, (2) mesenchymal and (3) mixed epithelial and mesenchymal
  • Uterine cervical tumours:
    • HPV and pre-invasive lesions
    • Squamous carcinoma
    • Adenocarcinomas
  • Cervical cancers mainly derive from high-risk HPV infections (mostly by HPV16/18). Here we describe the pathological features of the two principal subtypes: (1) squamous cell carcinoma, (2) adenocarcinomas

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