Breast Cancer: Essentials for Clinicians

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Breast Cancer: Essentials for Clinicians was developed for young oncologists and busy oncologists who would like to learn the basics of breast cancer management today. It provides the most important information in a concise, clear and accessible way, with informative figures and tables. Section A, entitled “What every oncologist should know”, summarises how diagnosis, staging and treatment of breast cancer (in situ to invasive, early to metastatic disease) should be done, highlighting the crucial role of multidisciplinary and specialised care for patients with this malignancy. 

The respective roles of pathology, surgery, radiation and systemic therapies are detailed. This information is built upon and complemented in section B, that provides more advanced knowledge about prognostic and predictive markers, genetic counselling and testing, new targets and new drugs, and management of specific clinical situations such as young, elderly and male breast cancer patients. Its visual and interactive format enables the reader to easily assimilate the information, and provides a strong backbone of knowledge about the most common type of cancer responsible for half a million deaths per year worldwide.


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Part A: What Every Oncologist Should Know

Chapter 1 - Diagnosis and Staging of Breast Cancer and Multidisciplinary Team Working

Chapter 2 - Pathology (Including Normal Breast) and Disease Subtypes

Chapter 3 - Management of Carcinoma In Situ

Chapter 4 - Breast Cancer Surgery

Chapter 5 - Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

Chapter 6 - Adjuvant Systemic Therapies for Breast Cancer (Including Follow-up)

Chapter 7 - Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Management of Locally Advanced Disease

Chapter 8 - Management of Metastatic Disease (Including Response Assessment)

Part B. More Advanced Knowledge

Chapter 9 - Epidemiology of Breast Cancer

Chapter 10 - Screening for Breast Cancer

Chapter 11 - Genetic Counselling and Testing

Chapter 12 - Prognostic and Predictive Factors

Chapter 13 - New Targets and New Drugs for Breast Cancer

Chapter 14 - Organ-specific Problems in Metastatic Breast Cancer

Chapter 15 - Metastatic Breast Cancer in Men

Chapter 16 - Breast Cancer at the Extremes of Age, Part A: Breast Cancer in Young Women

Chapter 16 - Breast Cancer at the Extremes of Age, Part B: Breast Cancer in the Elderly

Chapter 17 - Locally Recurrent Disease


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