P-0154 - EfficACY of long-acting somatostatin analogues (SA) in patients (pts) with highly differentiated gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP N...

Date 28 June 2014
Event World GI 2014
Session Poster Session
Topics Neuroendocrine Cancers
Supportive Care
Presenter Markovich Alla
Citation Annals of Oncology (2014) 25 (suppl_2): ii14-ii104. 10.1093/annonc/mdu165
Authors M. Alla1, V. Gorbunova2, N. Orel1, A. Kuzminov3, A. Odintsova3, A. Margaryan3, G. Emelyanova1
  • 1N.N.Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center of RAMN, Moscow/RU
  • 2N.N.Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center of RAM, Moscow/RU
  • 3Russian Cancer Research Center named after N.N.Blokhin, Moscow/RU



Antiproliferative efficacy of SA in midgut NETs was proved in PROMID study. But this study included patients only with G1 tumors. We assessed efficacy of the SA in pts with metastatic (advanced) G1 and G2 GEP NETs, and also in patients previously treated with chemotherapy.


44 pts with morphologically proven GEP NETs; among them 8 male (18%) and 36 female (82%), 18 to 82 years old (mean age – 55 years). Twenty (46%) pts were previously untreated and 24 (54%) pts had received prior chemotherapy. Primary tumor site: pancreas -12 (27%), intestine -18 (41%), the unknown primary site -14 (32%) cases. Metastases sites: liver -37 (84%), spleen -1 (2.3%), peritoneum – 4 (9%), lymph nodes – 8 (18%), lungs – 2 (4.5%), bones – 4 (9%). In all cases with unknown primary site patients had liver metastases. Pathomorphology: G1 - 16 (36%) pts, G2 - 17 (39%) pts and 11 (25%) pts had only cytological verification. Carcinoid syndrome and increased chromogranin A and serotonin serum levels and 5-HIAA urine level were reported in 38 (86%) pts. Regimens: 31 (70%) pts received only SA in the dose of 30 or 40 mg every 28 days, 13 (30%) pts were given SA in the dose of 30 or 40 mg in combination with interferon α.


42 (95%) pts had stable disease (SD), 2 (5%) pts progressed (PD). Reduction and normalization of CgA, serotonin or 5 - HIAA levels were achieved in 40 (91%) pts. Symptoms control was observed in all cases. Median progression-free survival was 27 months. Median overall survival has not been reached.


The long-acting somatostatin analogues are effective in treatment of well-differentiated GEP NETs, including G2 tumors.