50P - Utility of the folate receptor-specific imaging agent 99mTc-etarfolatide in predicting vintafolide therapy response in vitro and in vivo

Date 28 March 2014
Event ELCC 2014
Session Lunch and poster display session
Topics Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Metastatic
Imaging, Diagnosis and Staging
Translational Research
Presenter Christopher Leamon
Citation Journal of Thoracic Oncology (2014) 9 (Supplement 9): S7-S52. 10.1097/JTO.0000000000000131
Authors C. Leamon1, J. Reddy2, P. Klein3, I. Vlahov4, M. Vetzel2, A. Bloomfield2, R. Dorton2, M. Nelson2
  • 1Research & Development, Endocyte Inc., IN 47906 - West Lafayette/US
  • 2Biology, Endocyte Inc., West Lafayette/US
  • 3Discovery Biology, Endocyte Inc., West Lafayette/US
  • 4Discovery Chemistry, Endocyte Inc., West Lafayette/US


Many epithelial cancers express the folate receptor (FR) – a biomarker target for drug development. Vintafolide, a potent folate-targeted vinca alkaloid conjugate, is currently being evaluated in a phase 3 trial in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients and in a phase 2 study for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients. 99mTc-etarfolatide is a folate-based companion imaging agent which can non-invasively identify the location of functionally active and anatomically accessible FRs in real-time. (Pre)clinical studies have demonstrated that response to vintafolide is associated with FR expression; therefore real-time screening for FR-positive disease is of high value. The aim of these studies was to determine if 99mTc-etarfolatide could predict response to vintafolide therapy.