ESMO E-Learning: K-ras Testing in the Selection of Colorectal Patients for Anti-EGFR Targeted Therapy

Learning Objectives

  • Understand importance and aims of K-Ras testing in metastatic colorectal cancer patients.
  • Understand requirements for technique performance.
  • Understand components necessary to introduce technique into practice management.

After two years E-Learning modules are no longer considered current. There is therefore no CME test associated with this E-Learning module.

Sabine Tejpar
Sabine Tejpar
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The discovery of the K-ras mutation as a marker of probable failure of Epidermal growth factor receptor targeted therapy is a first step in the tailoring of treatment to the individual; up until recently, we had virtually no understanding of individual responses to therapy.

This module focuses on the importance of K-ras testing in metastatic colorectal cancer patients and is presented by Dr. Sabine Tejpar who is a renowned expert in this field. Included is key studies that led to the conclusion that this is a necessary tool for treatment decision and several specific slides which cover how to perform this high-throughput molecular analysis.

K-ras testing represents a practice-changing tool and with this ESMO E-Learning module, we wish to assist oncologists on how to introduce the technique into their practice. This module is imperative to the educational needs of all specialists interested in the management of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.

This E-Learning module was published in 2009 and expired in 2011.

Last update: 14 September 2009

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