ESMO Spotlights: Genitourinary Cancer

The ESMO Spotlights are intended to provide ESMO members with a contemporary review of the latest scientific studies in oncology and cancer care. Each Spotlights presentation offers the most significant oncology information presented over the last 12 months, as selected by leading experts.

2013 Presentations

The latest presentation on Prostate Cancer by Kristiina Koskela and Vesa V. Kataja reviews case studies including EORTC 22911, COU-AA-301, COU-AA-302, PROSTY I, AFFIRM, ALSYMPCA and TRAPEZE.

The latest presentation on Renal Cell Cancer by Hans van Thienen and John Haanen reviews case studies including AXIS-trial, RECORD-3, ARISER and PANTHER.

The latest presentation on Testicular Cancer by Mausam Singhera and Robert Huddart reviews case studies on stage II A/B seminoma, genome-wide association studies and management of chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting including GETUG-13 and SWENOTEC.

The latest presentation on Urothelial Cancer by Francesc Pons Valladares and Joaquim Bellmunt reviews prognostic models and the few phase III trials reported in the past year that focus on first and second-line advanced disease.

Previous ESMO Spotlights

Last update: 12 October 2013