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22 Nov 2017 Intermittent Regimen ‘Feasible’ For Adjuvant Letrozole Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Breast Cancer, Early Stage
20 Nov 2017 Bevaciziumab Fails To Boost OS For Progressive Glioblastoma Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Central Nervous System Malignancies
20 Nov 2017 Ipilimumab Fails To Demonstrate Clinical Activity For Advanced Cervical Cancer Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy - Cervical Cancer
17 Nov 2017 Adjuvant Neratinib Could Reduce Distant Breast Cancer Recurrence Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Breast Cancer - Breast Cancer, Early Stage
16 Nov 2017 Duloxetine May Help Relieve AI-Related Musculoskeletal Side Effects Breast Cancer, Early Stage - Complications of Treatment - Supportive Care
15 Nov 2017 Early And Severe Symptoms Predict Prophylactic Anastrozole Adherence Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Cancer Aetiology, Epidemiology, Prevention - Complications of Treatment
14 Nov 2017 KEYNOTE-024 Pembrolizumab Benefits Include HRQoL Outcomes Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy - Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Metastatic
13 Nov 2017 No OS Gain When Bevacizumab Is Added To Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Early-Stage NSCLC Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Early Stage
10 Nov 2017 HPV Infection Strongest Predictor of Cervical Precancer Treatment Failure Cancer Aetiology, Epidemiology, Prevention - Cervical Cancer
09 Nov 2017 ER-Positive Breast Cancer Distant Recurrence Risk Persists Long-Term After Endocrine Therapy Breast Cancer - Breast Cancer, Early Stage
08 Nov 2017 First-Line Bosutinib ‘Provides Benefit Over Imatinib’ For Chronic Phase CML Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Leukaemia
07 Nov 2017 Second-Line Olaparib-Paclitaxel Fails To Make The Advanced Gastric Cancer GOLD Standard Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Gastric Cancer - Translational Research
06 Nov 2017 Gene Alterations Influence Postoperative Pancreatic Cancer Survival Translational Research - Pancreatic Cancer
03 Nov 2017 RASTEN May Rule Out High-Dose Enoxaparin For SCLC Patients Small-Cell Lung Cancer
02 Nov 2017 Single NEPA Dose NonInferior To Aprepitant-Based Regimen For CINV Prevention Supportive Care