Selection of Recent Oncology Articles Published in Nature Medicine

On this page, you will find links to the latest oncology-related research articles published in Nature Medicine.


Date Title Topic
26 Dec 2016 Direct evidence for cancer-cell-autonomous extracellular protein catabolism in pancreatic tumors Basic Science , Pancreatic Cancer
19 Dec 2016 SAMHD1 is a biomarker for cytarabine response and a therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukemia Leukaemia , Biomarkers
06 Dec 2016 Patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells in cancer research and precision oncology Basic Science , Personalised Medicine
17 Jan 2017 Molecular analysis of circulating tumor cells identifies distinct copy-number profiles in patients with chemosensitive and chemorefractory small-ce... Small-Cell Lung Cancer , Pathology/Molecular Biology
21 Nov 2016 Genome-wide CRISPR screens reveal a Wnt–FZD5 signaling circuit as a druggable vulnerability of RNF43-mutant pancreatic tumors Basic Science , Biomarkers , Pancreatic Cancer
17 Jan 2017 DNMT3A mutations promote anthracycline resistance in acute myeloid leukemia via impaired nucleosome remodeling Leukaemia , Biomarkers
14 Nov 2016 IAP antagonists induce anti-tumor immunity in multiple myeloma Myeloproliferative Neoplasms , Biomarkers
24 Oct 2016 PIM1 kinase inhibition as a targeted therapy against triple-negative breast tumors with elevated MYC expression Breast Cancer , Biomarkers
03 Oct 2016 Classification and characterization of microsatellite instability across 18 cancer types Biomarkers
12 Dec 2016 HAUSP deubiquitinates and stabilizes N-Myc in neuroblastoma Central Nervous System Malignancies
08 Aug 2016 Loss of cohesin complex components STAG2 or STAG3 confers resistance to BRAF inhibition in melanoma Melanoma and other Skin Tumours , Biomarkers
04 Jul 2016 Targeting focal adhesion kinase renders pancreatic cancers responsive to checkpoint immunotherapy Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy , Pancreatic Cancer
20 Jun 2016 RANK ligand as a potential target for breast cancer prevention in BRCA1-mutation carriers Breast Cancer , Cancer Aetiology, Epidemiology, Prevention , Biomarkers
13 Jun 2016 Immunomodulatory drugs disrupt the cereblon–CD147–MCT1 axis to exert antitumor activity and teratogenicity Basic Science , Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
23 May 2016 A MYC–aurora kinase A protein complex represents an actionable drug target in p53-altered liver cancer Hepatobiliary Cancers