Sarcoma & GIST 2014

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18 Feb - 19 Feb, Milan, Italy

Sarcoma & GIST Conference 2014

Please find below the links to all Sarcoma & GIST 2014 presentations that have a slide set or webcast. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.

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Presenter Presentation title Session title
Jean-Yves Blay The need for clinical networking in sarcomas Welcome
Roger Wilson Welcome from patients Welcome
A. Paolo Dei Tos Conference presentation Welcome
Maria Debiec-Rychter The spectrum of KIT- and PGFRA-mutated GIST GIST – “sensitive”
Jonathan C. Trent Personalising medical therapy on genotype GIST – “sensitive”
Michael Montemurro Personalising medical therapy on the rest GIST – “sensitive”
Lee Helman SDH Mutant GIST GIST – “resistant”
Jonathan A. Fletcher The spectrum of secondary resistance GIST – “resistant”
George D. Demetri Tracking tumor resistance: what’s the future? GIST – “resistant”
Peter Hohenberger Personalising surgery in the advanced disease GIST – “resistant”
Peter Reichardt Recent drugs: Regorafenib GIST – “resistant”
Alexander Lazar Can molecular biology help? Desmoid tumours
Scott Schuetze Beyond abdominal, extra-abdominal, intra-abdominal desmoids Desmoid tumours
William D. Tap The present and the future of medical therapy Desmoid tumours
Palma Dileo Personalising treatment strategy throughout patient history Desmoid tumours