SLACOM-ESMO Clinical Trials Workshop 2015

Oncology Meeting Resources

28 Oct - 30 Oct, Lima, Peru

The SLACOM-ESMO Clinical Trials Workshop 2015 was designed for understanding fundamental goals, organisational aspects and good clinical practices of clinical trial design and clinical trials, identifying funding opportunities and discovering clinical research networks in Latin America.

Presentations of the SLACOM-ESMO Clinical Trials Workshop 2015 are available to ESMO members according to the presenters' agreement to release them. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.


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Presenter Presentation title Session title
C. Zielinski, AT Clinical Cancer research Worldwide Introduction
H.L. Gomez, PE Clinical Research in Latin-American Introduction
C. Rolfo, BE Phase II Trials and The New Concept of Molecular Treatment Clinical Cancer Research Concepts
C. Zielinski, AT Randomized Trials Phase II and Phase III Clinical Cancer Research Concepts
L.E. Raez, US Phase IV Clinical Trials Clinical Cancer Research Concepts
C. Zielinski, AT My Experience with Clinical Trials Meet the professor
C. Vallejos, PE Clinical Research: Ethic Principles. History (Nuremberg,Belmont,Helsinski) Ethics Principles
C. Rolfo, BE The European & International Regulatory Environments Regulatory in Clinical Trials
A.F. Cardona, CO LOCALS Colombia and Peru: three different approaches in legislation in the same geographic area Regulatory in Clinical Trials
U. Dafni, GR Clinical Trial Design Phases I & II Staticstics
U. Dafni, GR Clinical Trial Designs in the Molecular Era: Adaptive Designs Staticstics
U. Dafni, GR Common plots: Kaplan Meier, Waterfall, Forest plot Staticstics
D. Bretel, PE Informed Consent Inform Consent Form
U. Dafni, GR Statistics (Randomized Trials) Non-inferiority and Superiority Trials Statistics (Randomized Trials):
U. Dafni, GR Endpoints Composite and Surrogate Endpoints Statistics (Randomized Trials):