Romanian Society for Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology (RSRMO) Congress 2015

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15 Oct - 17 Oct, Sibiu, Romania

Main learning objectives for The Romanian Society for Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology (RSRMO) Congress 2015 was the 25th included bringing together specialists in the field of medical oncology and radiotherapy in order to contribute to the increase in quality of oncological care; establishing a high professional standard through supporting specialist education at all levels (university, post-graduate, doctoral) for all its members (physicians, physicists, biologists, etc.); protecting the interest of its members and of oncology and radiotherapy in general in dealings with the organizations overlooking their activities – the Ministry of Health, the Government, the Ministry of Education, county health departments.

Presentations from the Congress are now available here. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.


Useful Links

Presenter Presentation title Session title
R. Curca, RO Immune oncology versus targeted therapies in solid tumors – is there a winner? Precongress course
D. Stanculeanu, RO Renal cancer Precongress course: “2015 news in molecular targeted therapy”
E. Dordai, Ro Characteristics of brachytherapy sources used for the treatment of prostate cancer Medical physicists
Z. Fekete, RO Early detection of lung cancer and diagnosis of genetic predisposition Epidemiology, Screening & Diagnosis Session
G. Kacso, RO Brachytherapy for lung cancer: utopia or reality in Romania? Radiotherapy Session
C. Cainap, RO Neuroendocrine tumors of the thorax Medical Oncology Session
C. Chiricuta, RO State of art in the intensity modulated radiotherapy of the esophageal cancer Radiotherapy Session
G. Kacso, RO Target and organ at risk delineation for RECTAL cancer Postgraduate Medical Course : Contouring targets and organs at risk for pelvic cancers
A. Croitoru, RO Adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic adenocarcinoma Varia Session
L. Gales, RO Long term results in GIST treatment - from the literature to our practice Varia Session