ESMO Preceptorship on Lymphoma Madrid 2016

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25 Nov - 26 Nov, Madrid, Spain

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Main learning objectives for the ESMO Preceptorship on Lymphoma Madrid 2016 included highlighting the pathological bases of the most recent lymphoma classification, understanding the role of PET in staging, re-staging and follow-up, reviewing the treatment strategy for the most common lymphoma types, dissecting the peculiarities of lymphomas arising in particular extranodal sites, illustrating special and innovative treatment strategies and discussing clinical cases between faculty and participants.

Presentations from the Preceptorship are now available here. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.

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Presenter Presentation title Session title
M.L. Fuente, AR Primary Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma Session 6 Hodgkin
M. Provencio-Pulla, ES Systemic T-cell Lymphomas Session 7 T-Cell Lymhomas and Special Treatments
L. Specht, DK The Role of Radiotherapy in Lymphoma in 2016 Session 7 T-Cell Lymhomas and Special Treatments
M. Dreyling, DK New Drugs for Lymphoma Session 7 T-Cell Lymhomas and Special Treatments
A. Odhiambo, UK Burkitt’s Lymphoma: Refractory or Not ? Session 7 T-Cell Lymhomas and Special Treatments
M. Popovic, RS Treatment of Relapsed DLBCL in ElderlyPpatient Session 7 T-Cell Lymhomas and Special Treatments
E. Campo, ES The History of Lymphoma Classification and the 2016 WHO Revision Session 1 Pathology and Staging
M. Dreyling, DE Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Session 2 Indolent
K. Christofyllakis, DE SLL/CLL Treatment Before and After PBSCT Session 2 Indolent
K. Wdowiak, PL Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome During Follicullar Lymphoma Treatment Session 2 Indolent
L. Quintanilla-Fend, DE Pathology of Aggressive Lymphomas Session 3 Aggressive
M. Ghielmini, CH Treatment of DLBCL Session 3 Aggressive
S. Montoto, UK Lymphoma in HIV+ Patients Session 3 Aggressive
M. Mendez, ES Burkitt Lymphoma with Testicular Mass Session 3 Aggressive
N. Jokhadze, GE Primary Hepatic Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Session 3 Aggressive