ESMO Preceptorship on Lymphoma

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27 Nov - 28 Nov, Lugano, Switzerland

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The aims of this Preceptorship were to highlight the pathological bases of the most recent lymphoma classification, to understand the role of PET in staging, re-staging and follow-up, to review the treatment strategy for the most common lymphoma types, to dissect the peculiarities of lymphomas arising in particular extranodal sites, to illustrate special and innovative treatment strategies, and to discuss clinical cases between faculty and participants.

On this page, you may view webcasts and download the PDF of presentations given at the ESMO Preceptorship on Lymphoma 2015 to the extent the presenters have consented to release their contribution or a slightly modified version thereof. Please, note that the publication of these presentations is a courtesy of the originating authors and is for personal educational purposes only.

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Presenter Presentation title Session title
Leticia Quintanilla-Fend Methods used to diagnose lymphoma Pathology and staging
Elias Campo The history of lymphoma classification and the WHO 2008 Pathology and staging
Michele Ghielmini Epidemiology of lymphomas Pathology and staging
Lena Specht Role of PET in staging and treatment of Lamphoma Pathology and staging
Elias Campo Pathology of the indolent lymphoid neoplasms Indolent
Michele Ghielmini Treatment of follicular lymphoma Indolent
Wolfram Brugger Treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia Indolent
Geoffrey Watson A Rare Case of Non-Hodgkin's of the Appendix Indolent
Luis Gerardo Rodriguez-Lobato Small lymphocytic lymphoma with del(17p) Indolent
Martin Hutchings Treatment of DLBCL Aggressive
Wolfram Brugger Lymphoma in HIV + patients Aggressive
Michele Ghielmini Other aggressive lymphomas Aggressive
Michele Ghielmini Management of mantle cell lymphoma Mantle cell and Extranodal
Lena Specht CNS lymphoma Mantle cell and Extranodal
Wolfram Brugger Walderstroem/splenic marginal zone lymphoma Mantle cell and Extranodal