ESMO Preceptorship on Immunotherapy of Cancer 2014

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19 Nov - 20 Nov, Lausanne, Switzerland

Preceptorship on Immunotherapy

On this page, you may download the PDFs and view the webcasts of presentations given at the ESMO Preceptorship on Immunotherapy of Cancer 2014 to the extent the presenters have consented to release their contribution or a slightly modified version thereof. Please, note that the publication of these presentations is a courtesy of the originating authors and is for personal educational purposes only.

Useful links

Presenter Presentation title Session title
Rolf Stahel Historical introduction Historical introduction
Daniel Speiser Immune escape mechanisms Essentials of tumour immunology
Paul Walker Basic immunology for oncologist Essentials of tumour immunology
Nathalie Rufer Tumour immunology Essentials of tumour immunology
John Haanen Immune checkpoints – general overview Essentials in immunotherapies
Olivier Michielin Immune checkpoints Melanoma
John Haanen Adoptive transfer Melanoma
Paul Lorigan Combination therapies Melanoma
David Carbone Combined strategies Lung and colorectal cancer
Solange Peters Immune checkpoints Lung and colorectal cancer
Shien Chow Breaking the trend – Immunotherapy in a refractory case of mRCC Audience cases
Juan Martin Liberal A case of ipilimumab-induced colitis refractory to treatment Audience cases
Emily Harrold Immunotherapy and cancer: A case study in melanoma Audience cases
Marco Aiello Anti-PDL1 as 3 line therapy in NSCLC Audience cases
Petra Baumgärtner Monitoring of T Cell immune responses Immunomonitoring