Melanoma Bridge 2015

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01 Dec - 04 Dec, Naples, Italy

Melanoma Bridge 2015 took place under the Presidency of Paolo A. Ascierto, Francesco M. Marincola, and Nicola Mozzillo. The Scientific Board of the event included well-known experts covering different areas and based in different Countries.

The scientific programme of Melanoma Bridge was organised in 6 sessions:

  1. Molecular and Immuno advances;
  2. Combination therapies;
  3. News in Immunotherapy;
  4. Tumour microenvironment and biomarkers;
  5. World-Wide Immunoscore Task Force meeting
  6. Regulatory, Health Technology Assessment, & Market Access Session

Presentations from the Meeting are now available here. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.

Useful Links

Presenter Presentation title Session title
F. M. Marincola The quest toward the identification of the genetic determinants of cancer immune responsiveness Award lecture of Fondazione Melanoma
M. Davies Immunologic and metabolic consequences of PI3K/AKT/mTOR activation in melanoma Molecular and Immuno-Advances
M. Krauthammer Insights from Sequencing the Melanoma Exome Molecular and Immuno-Advances
S. Spranger Tumor-intrinsic beta-catenin signaling mediates tumor-immune avoidance Molecular and Immuno-Advances
Y. X. Fu Targeting tumor tissue to increase innate sensing for immunotherapy Combination Therapies
I. Puzanov Combining oncolytic therapies in the era of checkpoint inhibitors Combination Therapies
M. Postow Immune checkpoint blockade for melanoma: Should we combine or sequence ipilimumab and PD-1 antibody therapy? Combination Therapies
S. Agarwala Overview of intralesional oncolytic therapy News in Immunotherapy
D. Stroncek Improving Adoptive Immune Therapy using Genetically Engineered T cells News in Immunotherapy
M. Thurin Update on the SITC Biomarker Taskforce: progress and challenges Tumor Microenvironment and Biomarkers
C. Bifulco Next generation immunoprofiling World-Wide Immunoscore Task Force: An Update
G. Masucci In search of personalized cancer immunotherapy World-Wide Immunoscore Task Force: An Update
F. Perrone Financial toxicity: an emerging problem Economic Sustainability of Melanoma Treatments
F. De Lorenzo The point of view of the patient associations Economic Sustainability of Melanoma Treatments