IMPAKT Breast Cancer Conference 2013

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02 May - 04 May, Brussels, Belgium


Please find below the links to all IMPAKT 2013 presentations that have an abstract, slide set or webcast. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.

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Presenter Presentation title Session title
W. Fraser Symmans How to avoid false positive and false negative results in the assessment of estrogen and progesterone receptor status? Pathology
Giuseppe Viale How to assess HER2 status revisited Pathology
Carsten Denkert How to count and what to count for Ki67 Pathology
Carsten Denkert How to quantify immune infiltration and tumour cellularity? Pathology
W. Fraser Symmans How to assess the residual tumour burden after neo-adjuvant chemotherapy Pathology
W. Fraser Symmans The role of the pathologist in translational and clinical research Pathology for non-pathologists
Giuseppe Viale The standard package from the pathology department Pathology for non-pathologists
Carsten Denkert The definition and biological/clinical relevance of the different histological subtypes of breast cancer Pathology for non-pathologists
Christine Desmedt Gene expression and CGH Molecular techniques
Manasa Ramakrishna The main steps in the analysis of NGS data Molecular techniques
Lucy Yates Integration of NGS technologies in the clinic Molecular techniques
Martin Filipits Important signalling pathways in cancer Basic science for dummies
Karen Willard-Gallo Cancer immunity Basic science for dummies
Cedric Blanpain Mice models: Why and how? Basic science for dummies
Jorge Reis-Filho The ENCODE project decoded Basic science for dummies