Emirates Oncology Conference

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19 Nov - 21 Nov, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Key discussions on breast, lung, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, gynaecological, haematological and palliative care are the highlights of the conference, and other subspecialties are just some of the topics that the conference will touch on. The Emirates Oncology Conference (EOC) 2015 was designed for participants to enhance their understanding, share experience, interact with respected faculty, and learn about the most up-to-date advances in the oncology field.

Presentations from the Emirates Oncology Conference are now available here. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.

Useful Links

Presenter Presentation title Session title
F. Safi, AE Controversies In Surgery of Pancreatic Cancer GI Cancer Session
P. McCarthy, US Consolidation And Maintenance Strategies Following Autologous Stem Cell Transplant For Multiple Myeloma Patients Hematology Session
Shouki Bazarbashi, SA Controversies In Adjuvant Therapy of Rectal Cancer GI Cancer Session
J. G. Gribben, UK Advances In The Treatment In CLL And Indolent Lymphomas Hematology Session
H. Elghazaly, EG Hormonal Treatment In Breast Cancer BGICS Recommendations Breast Cancer Session
M. Mohsen Ibrahim, EG Breast Cancer In Eastern Countries: Challenges And Opportunities Breast Cancer Session
O. A. K. Abulkhair, SA BRCA TESTING ISSUES case presentation Breast Cancer Session
M. Al-Foheidi, SA Breast Cancer Challenging Cases Breast Cancer Session
M. El-Tamer, US Male Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Session
H. A. Azim, EG Chemotherapy In EBC : Fine Tuning of The Traditional Approach Breast Cancer Session
D. Currow, AU Breathlessness In Palliative Care Palliative Care Session
M. G. Fakih, US Biological Therapy In Metastatic Colon Cancer: Is There An Optimal Sequence? GI Cancer Session
M. Ghosn, LB Managing Chemotherapy-Induced And Radiotherapy-Induced Nausea And Vomiting (CINV And RINV, Respectively): New MASCC / ESMO Guidelines And New Agents Supportive Care & Geriatric Cancer Session
M. Mohsen Ibrahim, EG Controlling Bone Health Increases Patient Survival Supportive Care & Geriatric Cancer Session
M. Ghosn, LB Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment In The Management of Geriatric Cancer Patients Supportive Care & Geriatric Cancer Session