ESMO Summit Middle East Dubai 2018

Oncology Meeting Resources

06 Apr - 07 Apr 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ESMO Summit Middle East 2018 - Square

Created for oncology professionals in the Middle East by international and local key opinion leaders, the summit will put into context the most significant treatment advances.
Summit objectives:

  • To provide the oncology community with a summary of the most significant treatment advances
  • To review the current standard of care for key malignancies from a local and international perspective
  • To discuss the current controversies in the management of specific cancers

Resources from ESMO Summit Middle East Dubai 2018 are open to all according to the presenters' agreement to release them. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity. Meeting programme | Future ESMO meetings

Format available

Date: 22 May 2018
Presenter: E. Van Cutsem, BE
Resources: Presentation
Topic: Gastric Cancer

Date: 22 May 2018
Presenter: F. Ciardiello, IT
Resources: Presentation
Topics: Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Surgery and/or Radiotherapy of Cancer

Date: 22 May 2018
Presenter: S. Shrikhande, IN
Resources: Presentation
Topic: Surgery and/or Radiotherapy of Cancer

Date: 22 May 2018
Presenter: M. Dicato, LU
Resources: Presentation
Topic: Supportive Care