3rd ESO-ESMO Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass 2016

Oncology Meeting Resources

20 May - 25 May, Bratislava, Slovakia

This residential programme has been designed for young medical and clinical oncologists, who wish to improve their skills or those who are preparing for the national board or ESMO exam. The programme will expose participants to a full spectrum of issues in clinical and medical oncology from basic science to advanced knowledge of systemic therapy as well as in the multidisciplinary treatment approach. It is intended to cover all major topics of ESMO-ASCO curriculum on medical oncology.
The programme focuses on cancer pathology and molecular biology, cancer genetics, pharmacology of anti-cancer drugs and on frequent cancers such as breast, lung, gastro-intestinal, gynaecological and head and neck cancer.

Presentations of the ESO-ESMO Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in Medical Oncology are available to ESMO members according to the presenters' agreement to release them. The use of these presentations is for personal educational purposes only. ESMO thanks the authors for their generosity.


Useful links

Presenter Presentation title Session title
S. Rothschild, CH Biology of Cancer Cancer Biology
K. Heinimann, CH Cancer Genetics for the Practising Oncologist Cancer Biology
M. Joerger, CH Pharmacology of Anticancer Drugs and Drug Interactions Cancer Biology
A. Fusi, DE Basic Principles of Immunotherapy and Melanoma Cancer Biology
M. Ebert, SI Palliative Care Cancer Biology
M. Ebert, SI Supportive Care Cancer Biology
P. Strojan, SI Head and Neck Cancers Cancer Biology
F. Krasniqi, CH Sarcomas Including GIST Cancer Biology
P. Roth, CH CNS Malignancies Cancer Biology
A. Cervantes, ES Management of Esophageal Cancer and Gastric Cancer Gastro-Intestinal Tumours
S. Spanik, SK Management of Early and Locally Advanced Colorectal Cancer Gastro-Intestinal Tumours
N. Pavlidis, GR Cancer of Unknown Primary Gastro-Intestinal Tumours
N. Pavlidis, GR Neuroendocrine Tumors Gastro-Intestinal Tumours
A. Reiner, AT Breast Cancer Pathology and Molecular Biology Breast Cancer
M. J. Cardoso, PT Optimal Surgical Management of Breast Cancer Breast Cancer